The NORMco rental fleet has been assembled from what we feel are the very best diesel engines and centrifugal pumps available mounted on a NORMco custom- fabricated trailer.

The engines in our fleet are tier 2 & 3 design which means less down time, less maintenance, and higher performance standards for our customer’s rental dollar.

In order to assure the very best performance of our equipment, NORMco provides maintenance services on all our rental units every 250 hours of usage…and most importantly… this service charge is included in our rental rates at no additional cost to the customer.


“NORMco is a great company to have on your side, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re well taken care of!”- Brandon Buratovich, General Manager Eagle Ford.

“NORMco has been instrumental to the design and development of our many various assets. They are able to supply our company with any needs that we have.  Their commitment to customer service is top notch and goes above and beyond!” – Brock Molander, New Wave Energy Services Group

“We have been using NORMco ever since we started as a company. We have been through a lot of vendors through the years, but we still manage to keep a great working relationship with NORMco. From the service techs, sales personnel, to upper management NORMco has solid people working there. We look forward to growing with them in the future” – Jesse Jim, SOAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS